15 Fascinating Mysteries That Have Yet To Be Solved

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The world is a mysterious and strange place. Though we’ve managed to make strides in science, psychology, cryptography and crime investigation techniques, we still don’t know all the answers. It’s amazing how many mysteries are out there that we are not even close to solving. You might have heard of strange cases like the location of Atlantis, but have you heard of these lesser-known puzzles?

Why Do Placebos Work?

There has been a huge amount of evidence that proves how powerful suggestion can be on the human mind. The most common example given in the medical work is the Placebo Effect. Placebos are basically medicines and treatments that shouldn’t have any effect, but do because of the fact that the person believes they will work. Placebos have been noted for a large number of miraculous cures.

The Placebo Effect even can work when you know that you’re taking a placebo. To date, scientists still haven’t understood how people can be treated or even cured with a placebo.