16 Getaways Our Leaders Love

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Ever wondered what it would be like to vacation like one of our country's great political leaders? If there's ever anyone that's more in need of a vacation, it's the POTUS. After all, it's no easy task running a country. So between attending charity dinners, handling foreign affairs, signing bills and kissing babies, many of our nation's past and present Presidents take time out for a personal trip with the family. Here are some of their favorite destinations:

The Bahamas in it of itself is a popular destination spot but it was a personal favorite of 38th US President Gerald Ford. In April 1966, President Ford and his wife hit the waters of Eleuthera for a deep-sea fishing excursion, along with a group of Republican Congressmen. President Franklin D. Roosevelt also favorited the Bahamas in fact it was his first vacation destination as President-elect. OVer the years he made many fishing vacations along the Bahama Banks.