Aaron Carter Is Not Having A Baby

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Singer Aaron Carter went on social media last month to heavily imply that he was having a baby with Lina Valentina. It turns out that it's not the case.

Us Weekly

In an Instagram post, Carter said of Valentina, "I WILL marry you baby and we WILL have our daughter."

However, he wants to roll back the rumors that have circulated around his statements. In an interview with E!, Carter said, "A few weeks ago, I posted something on social media about hoping to have a child soon and it seems that started some rumors. I am looking forward to becoming a dad, but am not expecting a child right now."

Carter announced that he was dating Valentina in September. He is very vocal about his love for her. "I am a changed person," he wrote on Instagram. "My life has drastically changed. I'm in a relationship with the love of my life, I bought my first house and am now building a future together with her."

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Things appear to be looking up for Carter. There may be a baby in the works, but not quite yet.

Carter has, like many people who become famous at an early age, had his share of problems. He has struggled with debt and substance abuse. His weight has also fluctuated dramatically. He appears to be in a much healthier place these days, and judging by the tone of his posts, things really are looking up for him.