12 Actors Who Were Fired From Major Roles

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For you and I, if we don't perform our job to the best of our ability, or our employer just doesn't believe that we are a good fit for our job, then we're probably in danger of being fired. Yep, fired. Now, celebrities may seem like they live a life of immunity - they're invincible to any of the bad things that normal people have to face in our everyday lives. Well, that's not true. Just like any other person who doesn't do his/her job correctly or to their boss' liking, celebrities can also be dismissed from their place of employment.

Over the years, you may have seen some pretty iconic roles played by some extraordinary actors. What you may not know, however, is that those same roles were almost portrayed by a different actor. Unfortunately, that same actor didn't bring the best performance to the role, and they got the axe.

Here are 12 actors who you'll be surprised to find were fired from these major roles, click the NEXT button below to start the show!