Aging Golden Retriever Gets New Puppy Playmate for Present

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Looks like somepup made Santa’s “nice list” this year. In an adorable video from Caters News, a golden retriever receives a new puppy present for Christmas and his reaction is too cute for words.

In the video shared by Luke Kenton, they say the family’s 12-year-old golden, Cash, has been lonely for the past couple of years after the family’s other dog, Rosie, suddenly passed away. So, to help keep Cash’s spirits up, they decided to do a little something extra for him this year.

We see the father enter the room with a medium-sized box and inquisitive Cash go right up to the man. The golden retriever certainly seems to know something is up, as he wags his tail in anticipation. When the man puts the box down, Cash sniffs around the bottom edge as the top lifts a little. A second later the lid comes up and we see a little brown nose peek out. Cash sees the new puppy and goes still.

But a moment later we see the excitement kick in as Cash begins moving frantically about the box and hopping on all four paws.

It seems like Cash really hit the jackpot this holiday!