Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau Are Having A Baby

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Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau have announced that they are having a baby. The baby is due in May. Ashlan, host of Caribbean Pirate Treasure, married Philippe, son of Jacques Cousteau, in 2013. Together, they travel the world and share a message of environmental conservation with their fanbase.


In an interview with Us Weekly, Ashlan described herself and Philippe as "incredibly excited and a wee bit nervous about starting our family. We have traveled the globe and explored wonderful things, but this will be our biggest adventure yet." The kid will surely like the water. They're taking every precaution to make sure that this is actually the case.

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She continued, "We can't wait to meet our little Baby fish. We already have her/him signed up for swimming lessons!" They are set to have a very on-brand baby indeed.

Ashlan, a journalist, met Philippe, an environmentalist, at a 2010 talk about the BP oil spill. They began dating the night she first saw him give a presentation, and they've stayed together since. Philippe popped the question in November of 2012. Now, they co-host the Caribbean Pirate Treasure show together.