12 Beautiful Women That Married Into Billions

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It's a well-established tradition for beautiful women to marry rich, powerful, older men. It's an ancient folkway that is alive and well in the modern world. Today's financial oligarchs, following in the footsteps of their ancient regime forebears, carry the torch boldly into the 21st Century. These are the 12 most beautiful women that married into money...and power:

1. Melania Trump

Who is Melania Trump? Trump married a Slovenian model slash businesswoman named Melania Knavs. She had her own jewelry and watch line on QVC and also produced a line of skin care products that she hocked on The Celebrity Apprentice. If Melania looks like a supermodel to you...that's because she was one.

2. Salma Hayek

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Salma Hayek could have her pick of pretty much any man on the planet, and she chose Francois Henri-Pinault, a billionaire from France who is most famous as the majority shareholder of the Kerig corporation. They had a daughter after their 2007 engagement, and then called off the wedding a year later. But in 2009. they got married in Venice on Valentine's Day.