19 Female Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Over 50

February 25, 2016 | Matt

It’s undeniable that the rich and famous have a better shot at sustaining their beauty into old age than the rest of us. Access to the best cosmetics, surgeons and nutrition available, many famous people seem to age at a fraction of the rate as they would if they didn’t have teams of experts looking after their appearance. The female celebs on this list are the cream of the crop. They may have aged a few years, but you’d never be able to tell.

1. Susan Lucci - 69

Susan Lucci looks good period, much less for a woman who’s sixty-eight years old. If you met her and she told you she was 45, wouldn’t you believe her? There is doubtlessly a bit of science that’s gone into making her look so preternaturally young, but whatever it is, it’s the right concoction.

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