Chrissy Teigen Puts Cream Cheese On Sausage, Faces Backlash

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Chrissy Teigen has angered the internet by eating a sausage with cream cheese on it.

Entertainment Tonight

Yesterday, Teigen uploaded a video of her sausage being prepared, with the caption, "Cream cheese on a spicy sausage dog is a DELIGHT." Twitter did not find the combination so delightful.

One person responded, "Eeeeeew."

Another said, "Cream cheese to cut the heat on your regular hot dogs? Do what you like, but that sounds like a bland disaster to me."


Others speculated that she might be pregnant. Someone called the hot dog "gross," and Teigen responded, "You're gross."

"YUCKING OTHER PEOPLE'S YUM IS VERY UNBECOMING," she railed against her online hecklers. "Like eat your own damn food and be quiet. You weren't invited anyway."

She followed up with, "ESPECIALLY if you haven't even tried the food you're yucking. I AM HEATED."

Not everyone had bad things to say about the pairing. Some people said that it was actually good. No telling when the dust from Creamcheesegate will settle.

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