Corey Feldman Announces Name Of Sexual Abuse Doc

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Corey Feldman has gone public with the name of his new documentary about sexual abuse in Hollywood. The title is, apparently, Truth: the Rape of 2 Coreys.

The "2 Coreys" in question are Feldman and Corey Haim, his friend and fellow child star. According to Feldman, he and Haim were both sexually abused throughout their careers as child actors. Haim, unfortunately, died in 2010.

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Feldman made the announcement to Us Weekly, saying, "I believe this title represents the truth I have been promising to tell and it also represents the Truth of what happened. He (Corey Haim) was physically raped, I was physically assaulted and as a result of those actions, and the fact that I had to carry that burden all those years, really it was a raping of not only our emotional lives, but also our collective work and career as The Two Corey's."

Feldman's documentary is funded by an Indiegogo campaign titled "Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign." Shortly after he started the campaign, he was leveled with misdemeanor marijuana possession charges. Timing that Feldman finds suspicious.