David and Victoria Beckham Aren't Getting Divorced After All

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After rumors started spreading that David Beckham was going to divorce his wife Victoria, the couple's spokesman came out to declare the allegation "nonsense."

In addition to denials from their spokesman, Victoria posted photos of her with their children to her social media, saying she "loves and misses" David.

Their representatives call the story "fake" and "bizarre." They also said "There is no statement due, no divorce, and a lot of Chinese whispers and fake social media news."


Yet another of their reps called the rumor "a crock of sh***."

The two of them have been married since 1999 and were dating for two years before then. They've had four children together - three boys and a girl.


If there's a divorce pending, they are certainly doing a good job of masking it.

Beckham is the most famous football player in the world and Victoria is one of the Spice Girls. When you're at the top of the pyramid, there's really nowhere to go.