Grab a Pint And Head to The Best Beer Cities in the U.S.

Travelish |

If you've been paying attention to the U.S. microbrewery scene, you've probably noticed that it has expanded greatly.  Let's scratch has exploded.  More than just a drink for social gatherings, beer has now become a hobby and a lifestyle for many people.  It is not uncommon to stumble across someone who is a homebrewer in your social circle, and news names and spots are popping up on the regular, making it nearly impossible to be at the forefront of the beer market.  Different yeasts, hop strands, and beer styles are filling up taps everywhere, including strands with crazy ingredients like ginger, habanero, curry, and grapefruit.

The following is a quick list, in no particular order, of the most beer-centric cities across America: