Hailey Baldwin Asked Dad Stephen If She Could Be A Bieber

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Hailey Baldwin, now Hailey Bieber, didn't change her name without first consulting with her dad Stephen Baldwin.

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In an interview with Bustle, Hailey said that she went to her dad to ask his permission to change the last name.

"I'm very proud of my family name. I come from a great family with a history in the industry. I remember when I was going to change it, I asked my dad if he was going to be upset and he was like, ‘No! I don’t care. We love you. All good, everyone still knows you’re a Baldwin.’ It’s true!”

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Calling herself 'Bieber' is still awkward for her, apparently. "It took some getting used to, for sure. It's definitely strange, it takes adjusting."

She changed her name on Instagram to Bieber in November. Making it official. They were married in a civil ceremony, but had plans to hold a full religious wedding. Those plans have been held up by Justin's battle with depression.

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Many people speculate that Bieber's problems stem from becoming so famous at such a young age, and losing his bearings. 

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