Heidi Klum Speaks About Mel B's Struggles

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Heidi Klum recently discussed Mel B, her America's Got Talent co-judge, and how she's coping with a custody battle and drug use allegations.

Klum said, “It’s definitely not the easiest of things when you have personal things that are dragged through the entire world to see. It is definitely not easy, and I’ve been there right by her side witnessing how hard it is for her. It’s not easy to step out all the time when people look at you.”

“I think it’s good I guess when you want people to know what really happened so you have an opportunity in a book for people to get your side of the story because a lot of the time the tabloids change things. A lot of lies have been told. So I think it’s important that she gets that off her chest and she can tell her side of the story. I can’t wait to read it.”

Daily Mirror

Mel B is reportedly going to continue her PTSD treatment. She was diagnosed with the disorder following her father's death in 2017 and divorce from Stephen Belafonte.

It was also revealed in a court mandated drug and alcohol screening in September that she may have substance abuse problems. In court documents, Judge MMark Juhas says "Based on the evidence presented, the court finds that there is a habitual, frequent and continuous use of controlled substances/alcohol by the petitioner."