Jennie Finch Vetoes Song On Religious Grounds

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When Jennie Finch was scheduled to dance to Janelle Monae's "Make Me Feel" on a recent episode of Dancing With the Stars, she was not happy. She found the song's lyrics too risque, and demanded a last minute change because it "wasn't a great choice."

She told reporters on Monday that "Just as a mom, it's not something we listen to in our house. And my fans, my audience, is young girls. I don't know of anything more empowering than a man sticking by a woman, and following her gut and her heart, not feeling comfortable, and I wouldn't be able to stand on that stage - I have a 5-year-old daughter - and be proud of what we're doing in the song choice that we had."

The Inquisitr

She went on, "And there's so many songs out there. Why even go that route, even close? So we were going to change the wording, and we had that and I was like, I just don't feel good about it."

Before they made the last-minute change to "Do It Like This" by Daphne Willis, Finch's partner Keo Motsepe had already plotted out all the choreography for the original song. He could not have been happy about it.

"I want to glorify God out there, and that just wasn't a great choice for me to do that."

She says she was pleased with her performance. Watch it below.