Jocelyn Wildenstein Has Filed For Bankruptcy

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Jocelyn Wildenstein, ex-socialite who is famous for her over the top plastic surgeries, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The "Catwoman's" bank account is listed at zero dollars.

Wildenstein, 77, is reportedly earning about nine hundred dollars a month of Social Security money, and not much else. Wildenstein says, "I am not employed and my only income is Social Security. I often turn to friends and family in order to pay my ongoing expenses."

CBS News

Wildenstein lives in three conjoined apartments in Trump World Tower that are estimated to be worth just under twelve million dollars. The property is currently in foreclosure, and she has about $25,000 debt in unpaid property tax. It is only one of many debts.

She is hoping to receive $4.5 million she claims she is still owed from her divorce from Alec Wildenstein.

A friend described her as "A very nice lady but she is very gullible. She has been taken by everyone."

Wildenstein is also facing multiple lawsuits over her debts.