John Cena Has Won A Humanitarian Award

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Professional wrestling megastar John Cena is set to receive the Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award, for his philanthropic work with The Make-A-Wish Foundation and breast cancer awareness.

New York Post

Cena's squeaky-clean character may not be all that far from reality. He has done more Make-A-Wish Foundation appearances than any other individual in the history of Make-A-Wish. He has met with almost six hundred children through the program. He is also a passionate advocate for breast cancer awareness. His younger brother survived brain cancer, and Cena was instrumental in partnering the WWE with the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Cena commented, "I am truly thrilled to receive Sports Illustrated's Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. Ali's commitment to helping others, his dedication to the sport and his generous spirit are incomparable and he was a role model to us all. To be linked with him in any way is an honor that means so much to me."

The editors of Sports Illustrated made the decision. Apparently, it was an easy one.


"From his unparalleled work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to his support for a wide range of causes ranging from activism for military families to cancer research, John has made personal outreach and generosity of time and spirit his calling cards,” remarked Stephen Cannella, Executive Editor. “He might just be the most charitable person in sports, and his dedication to philanthropy richly reflects the spirit of the Ali Legacy Award."

Cena will be receiving the award on December 11, at Los Angeles's Beverly Hills Hilton.