Kanye West Wears MAGA Hat, Kaepernick Sweater

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Kanye West certainly knows how to grab the spotlight. He was recently seen wearing both a MAGA hat and a sweater with Colin Kaepernick's name printed across it, at the same time. It's a powerful move, designed to enrage and confuse the maximum amount of people.

Kanye arrived wearing the outfit at The Fader's office in New York City this morning. If his plan was to put more eyeballs on him, it succeeded - the internet is alive with the sound of outrage.

Trump took umbrage with Kaepernick's kneeling protest during the national anthem at football games, calling him a "son of a bitch" and accusing Kaepernick and other protesting players of disrespecting the flag.

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Among the many things Kanye is for is being one of the few A-list celebrities to openly endorse Trump. He made headlines recently by saying that he and the president share "dragon energy." He is also a Kaepernick fan.

"I stand for giving everyone a voice," he said on Twitter. "Adidas giving me a voice and Nike giving Colin voice on a big business level makes the world a more advanced place."

Kanye made sure the world knew that he was wearing a specialized MAGA hat, as well. "But it's my hat, I redesigned it. I changed the brim, I mean I changed the shape right here and I put positive energy into the hat," he explained in a video.

Dragon energy, perhaps?