Keri Russell Reportedly Cast In Next Star Wars

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Keri Russell, best known for her starring role in The Americans, may be in negotiations to play a part in the next Star Wars movie. Star Wars: Episode IX, set to be released December 20 of next year, will be written and directed by J.J. Abrams, who apparently thinks Russell might be fit for the film.

Abrams and Keri Russell have worked together before. She was in his television show Felicity, as well as the movie Mission: Impossible III, which he directed. If she were to be cast, she wouldn't be the first Felicity alumnus in an Abrams Star Wars movie. Greg Gunberg had a minor role in Force Awakens.


Abrams, with a coterie of studio executives from Lucasfilm, screened multiple actresses for the role in question over the past two months. They may have finally settled on Russell. We don't know exactly what the character is, just that the character is involved in action scenes.

It is assumed that Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega and Daisy Ridley will all be reprising their roles in the upcoming film.

Fans are already floating various theories about who she may be playing. The most popular theory is that she's set to play Rey's estranged parents.

Hopefully the next installment of the main series can redeem the franchise from the financial disaster that was Solo. While fandom remains fierce, the general public appears to have waning interest in the films. The Last Jedi was largely panned.