Kim Struggles To Cope With Kanye's Slavery Gaffe

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Kanye West recently horrified and delighted various segments of the internet on Tuesday by stating that slavery was "a choice" during a TMZ Live segment. Kanye was then excoriated by a TMZ writer face to face, and dragged before the court of public opinion for sentencing. The jury is displeased.

Sources close to Kim Kardashian allege that she is not coping well with the scandal. They claim that Kardashian is privately very concerned about him, but is presenting a public face of support, despite his unbelievable misstep.


The slavery comments come on the heels of another hot water bath, taken when Kanye voiced support for Donald Trump. He said he and Trump share the same "dragon energy."

Kim, despite her loyalty to Kanye, has stated on Twitter that she doesn't share his beliefs. She is, reasonably, concerned that silence would be interpreted as endorsement.


Some people speculate that Kanye's latest media tiffs are calculated, done deliberately to put himself in the spotlight for his upcoming album release.

West told TMZ that a liposuction surgery he had in 2016 led to opioid addiction. He also said that the pills led to a "breakdown."

Kanye still hasn't redacted his vocal love of Donald Trump. The dragon energy flows strong through both of them.