Kourtney Kardashian Is No Longer Using Plastic Bottles

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Kourtney Kardashian has announced on Instagram that she is going to no longer allow plastic water bottles in her house.

W Magazine

"No more plastic water bottles allowed in my house," she said, with a photo of two paper containers full of water. The post also promotes a beverage company founded by Jaden Smith.

Kourtney has been public about her views on conservation issues for a while. Last year, she testified at an Environmental Working Group briefing, in support of some legislation Dianne Feinstein sponsored. It was a push to give the Food and Drug Administration more muscle to regulate cosmetics ingredients.

"When it comes to products I use on my kids, I don't play around. Everyone should have the right to healthy products and personal care, and that's why I wanted to come and make this a bigger deal."


Environmental issues are more important, even, than consumer protection in the cosmetics industry. Many states are pushing for legislation that will limit the amount of post-consumer waste that will make its way into the ocean. Plastic and other non-biodegradable debris has formed gigantic clouds in multiple parts of the world, and those materials pose a major threat to wildlife and our health.

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