Kylie, Travis Call Each Other 'Wife,' 'Husband' Again

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are calling each other "hubby" and "wife" again. Are they pet names? Or are they really married / going to get married?


At a show at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, Scott announced to the crowd, "I have my wife here," in reference to Jenner. Jenner, in turn, posted a photo backstage at the concert, laid out suggestively with the caption "The look ya give when ur hubby is performing at madison square garden tonight."

Scott and Jenner have called each other husband and wife before. On her Saturday Night Live performance in October, she called Scott "hubby." Back in November, Scott left a comment on her Instagram saying "I love u wifey."


Many people believe that the two of them are actually engaged. There's no way to be totally sure. It might just be terms of endearment.

The two of them have a nine month old daughter together, named Stormi. Kylie wrote of Stormi, "She comes everywhere with me .. the favorite little road dog." The caption was on a picture of Stormi peacefully sleeping.

Kylie has said before that she wants more children. Maybe she wants a wedding ring, as well.