Lifetime To Make Documentary Series, Movie About R. Kelly

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R. Kelly, whose career has been racked with sex scandal after sex scandal, is to be the subject of a documentary series and a full-length movie on the Lifetime network, as part of its new "Stop Violence Against Women" campaign.

Kells has faced many very serious charges, including pedophilia and operating a "sex cult" out of his home that forbade women from leaving.


A BuzzFeed report recently described abuse two women claim to have suffered at Kelly's hands. One of them said Kelly began a sexual relationship with her when she was seventeen, in 1995. She also says that Kelly became physically and mentally abusive. AnotherĀ  woman said that Kelly started dating her 27-year-old daughter a decade ago, and that her daughter was "brainwashed."

R. Kelly's legal team denies these accusations, and accused the women of being "liars who have their own agenda for seeking profit and fame."

The hashtag #MuteRKelly is aimed at raising awareness of the R&B singer's multiple abuse allegations, and to cut into his revenue from album and concert ticket sales. Kelly's camp calls the hashtag "unjust."

Rapper Vince Staples recently went viral for voicing these same concerns about Kelly during a Coachella interview, calling him a "child molester."