Massive Timber Wolf Can’t Resist a Playful Romp With a Little Pup

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Dog videos have earned their place in the cultural lexicon. From dogs with babies and dogs performing Harry Potter-inspired tricks to dogs doing absolutely nothing at all, we’re pretty much guaranteed to watch any kind of pup-related film.

Enter Charlie and Smokey. This playful duo just can’t seem to get enough of play-fighting. Well, that sounds typical enough; pups are playful. They all love a good romp.

The kicker? Charlie is a wee little 20-pound German Shepherd puppy, and Smokey is a 137-pound adult timber wolf. How these two came to be friends is a mystery to us, and it frankly doesn’t matter.

No matter how much Charlie jumps onto Smokey, nipping at his giant torso, the wolf remains calm, playful, and a great sport. We’re not sure if the credit for his temperament goes to the hot weather mentioned in the video, or if he’s just naturally lazy, but Smokey should be commended either way.

Check out this hilarious, precious video of two friends just trying to have a good time.