Our Instagram Must-Follow of the Month – Svetlana Bilyalova [Photos]

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Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta

Say hello to The Webtrovert's Instagram Must-Follow for August 2014, Svetlana Bilyalova. This really might be the most beautiful girl on Instagram, and after you see these photos, I think you'll agree. We're always on the lookout for the hottest models-to-follow on Insta...and while there are many to choose from, nobody seems to stand out more than this Russian beauty. How this girl isn't a household name yet in America is beyond me...but I think she will be soon.

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Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta

According to her Facebook, Svetlana is a model from Moscow, Russia and was born in 1992...making her 22 years old. Now is that or is that not her real Facebook account...I'm not sure. However, there have been several sources that all say she was in fact born in 1992. I'm pretty sure you're not even reading this right now because you're so distracted by the photos. Am I right??? I can't say I blame you. The further into this post you get...the better the photos get. Click the NEXT button below to see more photos...

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta
Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta

Aside from modeling, Svetlana also tends to appear in Russian music videos from time to time...that's why there's a guy behind her with a crazy-looking camera in the bottom photo (recording a music video). I'm surprised I haven't seen Svetlana in any American music videos yet...but I'm sure that'll soon change. As it goes for most models, they start modeling, then they're in a music video...and then they're a co-star in Ben Affleck's film Gone Girl. That's pretty much how it went down for Emily Ratajkowski. You'll want to look her up too. Click the NEXT button below to see more photos...

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta
Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta

When not wearing 5 inch heels, this beauty measures in at 5' 8" and her measurements are a pleasant 36-23-38(in). In other words she is the perfect size. Yes...perfection does exist...her name is SVETLANA! Click the NEXT button below to see more photos...

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta
Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta

Svetlana has over 2.9 million Instagram followers for good reason, so after you check out the rest of these photos be sure to follow her for the latest. Click the NEXT button below to see our favorite photos...

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta

Here is Svetlana drinking her protein shake (you think she might be sponsored by Protein World???).



She has some of the best workout outfits I've ever seen! Why don't girls dress like this at my gym!?!

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta

Svetlana has been featured on many websites...but after she was featured on The Chive she really began to blow up.

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta

She was featured on The Chive Nov. 27 2013 and was reported to have 450k followers. Today she has just under 2 million!

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta


Although very beautiful, I wouldn't call Svetlana a natural beauty.

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta

If I were to guess, I'd say she's had work done to her nose, lips and breasts.

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta


Normally I'm a natural beauty kind-of-guy...

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta


...but Svetlana looks sooo good that I really don't care if she's had plastic surgery. Do you?...rhetorical question, I know you don't.

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta


Guys are pretty much on Instagram for one reason and one reason only...

Image Credits: @bilyalova_sveta

...to follow mega-hotties like Svetlana Bilyalova...so go follow her for the latest photos.