Paul McCartney Says Lennon Didn't Like Most Beatles Songs

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Paul McCartney and John Lennon had the most famous partnership in the history of pop music. The two peas in the Beatles pod apparently had a more contentious relationship than would be obvious on the surface, though. In a new interview with 60 Minutes, McCartney said that they "were competitive" and that Lennon was very tight-lipped when it came to praising McCartney's songwriting.

Apparently, Lennon praised a McCartney song "only once the whole time."

The two of them hid their feud(s) from the public, but were apparently playing a long game of one-upsmanship behind closed doors. They later admitted that this was the case.


"He'd have written Strawberry Fields, I would write Penny Lane. He's remembering his old area in Liverpool, so I'll remember mine."

The song in question is not one of the obvious ones. Lennon was apparently smitten with Here, There and Everywhere from the album Revolver.

Apparently, Lennon approached McCartney and said "That's a really good song, lad. I love that song."

McCartney recounts, "And I was like, 'Yes! He likes it!'"

McCartney, in turn, was reserved in his praise for his bandmate as well. Lennon apparently did not take compliments well. "You'd normally have to be a little drunk. It helped."