20 People Having The Worst Days Of Their Lives

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We've all had "one of those days." But not like these people. These images capture that special feeling that the universe is conspiring just to make us personally miserable. If you're having a bad day, just remember...it could always be worse. Here are 20 people having a worse day than you.

The person who really wanted a Crunchwrap. No. Matter. What.

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This is a brave and determined person. One thing we can learn here is that where there's a will and (apparently super powerful) electric scooter...there's a way. Not sure why this poor soul couldn't call someone for a ride, but one thing's for certain...they are determined.

The guy who has to explain how he lost 20 shipping containers to his boss.

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Everyone's screwed up on their first day at a new job. Maybe you jammed the register or spilled coffee in someone's lap. But you probably didn't cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Try explaining this "mistake" to your boss, yikes.

All the people involved in this kind of rush hour traffic.

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This is the kind of situation where you wonder just how much it would cost you to get out of your car, walk away, and buy a new one. Traffic jams are pretty common, but not like this. This looks like there was a car accident...without a car accident.

The person who received divine intervention to help her stop eating fast food.

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The real test of someone's character is whether or not they'll still get their food after this happens. It was either the best or the worst cheesy gordita crunch they've ever had. They'll probably have to change their order to dine-in instead of take-out.

The person who relied way too much on Apple Maps.

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...and the person who was following that person...

Honestly though, how does this happen? Driving heavy cars on wet sand never sounds like a good idea...how close do you really need to get to the water?! The only way it makes sense is if they're trying to do it on purpose, in which case, it must feel pretty awesome.