Queer Eye's AJ Brown Is Now Married

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The Queer Eye reboot was a huge hit. One of the show's subject, AJ Brown from episode four, has announced that he's now married to his fiancee Andrey. He made the announcement at the Netflix FYSee event yesterday.

AJ's episode was one of the most memorable. During the show, he comes out to his stepmother Haide. Despite his fear of rejection, Haide embraces him. It was a tearful moment for everyone in front of and behind the cameras.

During the episode, AJ says of Dre, "I just feel really good about him and I'm thinking about possibly getting married, maybe."

That possibility has become a reality.


They're not the only Queer Eye couple to get married. Tom Jackson and Abby Parr from the first episode are now hitched.

Queer Eye is set to start a second season on June 15. It's one of the most popular reality shows going right now. A fitting tribute to its source material, which was a huge cultural phenomenon in the aughts.

The show premiered on Bravo in July of 2003, with the full title "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." It introduced the formula of the "Fab Five," five gay men who gave lifestyle-challenged straight men makeovers. It's a simple formula - introduce schlub, de-schlub the schlub, and release him back into the wild with much crying and applause. The formula works.

The original Queer Eye aired its last episode in 2006. Netflix revived the series in 2017, when it ordered eight new episodes featuring a new Fab Five.