Shaggy 2 Dope Tried To Dropkick Fred Durst At Show

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YouTube - Quintin Soloviev

In the long history of music, there has been no musical act more widely derided than Insane Clown Posse. Except, maybe, Limp Bizkit. On Sunday, Shaggy 2 Dope, one half of ICP, took a flying, feet-first leap at Durst while he was onstage. His attempt to knock the Bizkit frontman into the crowd was unsuccessful - his feet barely made contact with the rap rocker's back, and Shaggy wound up on his own, getting mobbed by security.

Dope's stealth attack came as Durst was wrapping up a cover of "Faith" by George Michael. Shaggs took a running head start, jumped in the air, and tried to kick Durst in the back with both feet.

Fred was barely nudged. Apparently not realizing it was Shaggy, Durst hurled some obscenities in his direction and then told security to calm down. He then led the crowd in a "goodbye" chant.


Our own careful review of the evidence suggests that Shaggy would have connected if a security guard hadn't grabbed him in midair right before the moment of impact. Shaggy, like Violent J, has professional wrestling experience.

Bizkit member DJ Lethal took to social media the following day to malign Dope.

It's not totally clear why ICP is beefing with Bizkit, but it's been a longstanding feud. Fans speculate that it dates to Woodstock '99.