Stephen Baldwin Denies Affair Rumor

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Stephen Baldwin, brother of Alec and father of Hailey, has a nasty rumor circulating about him. A reporter for DailyMailTV approached the actor outside his Los Angeles apartment to confront him with the allegation, that he's been having an affair with a woman named Ruth Perez Anselmi while visiting LA.

Washington Times

Baldwin has been married to Kennya Baldwin for 28 years. When asked the question, Baldwin responded with "You're out of your mind, brother."

"Brother, God bless you. You guys are crazy."

The reporter continued with his line of questioning about the alleged affair. "Brother, watch what you're saying now. Now you're breaking the law, potentially. So, be careful."


Baldwin then stepped onto a scooter and remarked as he left the scene, "God bless you guys. Why do you guys do these sick things?"

Stephen Baldwin has been in the public eye lately largely because his daughter married Justin Bieber. As yet, the rumors are still unsubstantiated. Baldwin is known for his conservative politics and strong religious conviction as a born-again Christian.