These Are Paul Rudd's Thanksgiving Plans

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Have you been wondering what Paul Rudd is doing for Thanksgiving? He's going out to eat with his family.


"We go to Kansas City and we'll all eat at this restaurant that's been an important restaurant for my entire family most of my life," he said in a recent interview with Us Weekly. "I'm a big fan of traditions and things like that."

Rudd also weighed in on another heavy topic: how his Halloween was this year. "They didn't get as much candy. My daughter kind of gave up on it early. She's not really that into crowds. And this was the first year I didn't really go trick-or-treating with my son. He was out with his pals."


Rudd also says that the kids, otherwise somewhat bored by their dad's filmography, were excited that he was the star of Ant-Man. "My kids are very excited about that and they really have gotten into the Marvel universe. They watch all the movies and they think it's really cool."

Especially because they get to visit Rudd on set and take advantage of craft services.

Rudd will be appearing in a project called "Untitled Avengers Movie" in 2019. We assume that he will be playing Ant-Man. Much to his children's delight.