These Hidden Married With Children Facts Will Surprise You

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Every Episode Cost $1 Million To Produce

When ‘Married…With Children’ premiered on the new Fox network, it was a shock to viewers and TV critics alike. Here is a very dysfunctional family who is constantly arguing, laughing at each other, and is consumes by greed. It was nothing like the picture perfect families we’ve seen on TV sitcoms before. Then, something really wild happened on-screen, the entrance of Kelly Bundy, the 16 year-old daughter who does whatever a divorced 40 year-old women on the prowl does on a weekly basis. 

Although the show seemed to run on a relatively small budget, it was actually one of the most expensive shows on TV at the time. Sure, they didn’t have a lot of special effects to produce, but one raunchy outfit for Kelly could cost a fortune. Add to that an almost guaranteed fee for people who were offended by the show and decided to sue and actors salaries, the show was a huge expanse for the new Fox network.