Top 15 Countries With The Highest Salaries

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Ever thought about whether or not you're getting paid your worth? Or what different countries are paying their workers? Well the 2015 data is in. While some people are working long hours with little pay, others are basking in their high-ranking disposable income. If you're tired of minimum wage jobs or looking at the dismal number that is your pay after tax deductions, then here are the top 15 countries you need to move to.

15. Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to one of the busiest and largest seaside ports in all of Europe. The average salary of its citizens hovers around $29,000 a year, but living in a democratic socialist country means that they give up nearly 38% of their annual income for things like universal healthcare and higher education. But Netherlanders also enjoy the benefit of a less than 35 hour work week - plus as we mentioned, free healthcare and college education. Not too bad of a trade-off.