Topher Grace Wants To Reboot That '70s Show

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Topher Grace, one of the stars of That '70s Show, recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he's interested in a show reunion. "I would do it for sure because that was a very wonderful time for us. We were all very close, having that experience every single day with each other. It was great to broadcast it out once a week, but, like, I'm still great friends with those guys."

However, Grace seemed skeptical in the interview that it would actually come to fruition. "It would be so hard to bring that crew together. For me, I'd do it if no one ever saw it. Just 'cause it would be great to hang out with them for a week or something."


The cast have generally gone their separate ways since the sitcom stopped airing. Danny Masterson was recently accused of rape by five women and is currently under criminal investigation.

"You know, I hesitate to say that I never saw any of that behavior because I feel like it sounds like I'm defending him," remarked Grace in the same The Hollywood Reporter interview. "But the truth is I never saw any of that stuff. I was, of that cast, the most boring. So when it came to going out after the show and partying, I was just boring."

Will a '70s Show reunion happen? Considering it was one of the most successful sitcoms in recent history, it seems like an idea that's certainly on the table. If it does happen, it's doubtful that Masterson will be a part of it. He's been released by Netflix and his career will likely not survive the scandal even if he's vindicated.