Travis Scott Denies Cheating Rumors

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Travis Scott, boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, has denied rumors that have surfaced that claim he is cheating. The controversy comes with an Instagram that shows someone he claims is a lookalike standing on a balcony with a woman who isn't Kylie Jenner.

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"Trolls working hard today," he commented on the photo. "I don't be on a balcony wit no thots. That shit lame. Try again u trollsssss. My and my wifey sturdy. Back to celebrateing!!!"

He circled back around and left a second comment: "Only got love for my wife. No time to be wasting. Try again."

Later, he als posted an Instagram Story that said, 'Trolls always wanna create some fake shit to destroy real love. GOING OVER BOARD TO MAKE SHIT LOOK LIKE NOT IS EVIL. I hate acknowledging shit. But quit try to take joy from shit that's good. I pray god blocks out all evil."

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All of this happened right on the heels of Jenner posting a ring emoji with a picture of her and Scott. They have been referring to each other as "wifey" and "hubby" for a while now. The ring emoji has stirred up further speculation that they're actually going to get married.

The two of them have a daughter, Stormi, who was born in February. An affair is possible but is still unconfirmed.