11 Times Wedding Photoshoots Did NOT Go According To Plan

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Weddings are supposed to be perfect. Preparing one is an arduous, months-long process of ironing out minute details about the decorations and schedule that don't actually matter to anyone who isn't a psychopath on the actual wedding day. Weddings are the single most expensive thing most people ever do in their lives. They're also one of the most emotionally volatile.

So it's all the more hilarious (to people who aren't directly involved) when things go awry after so much planning and spending. Life is messy, and the universe tends to slap our hands away as we grasp at perfection. These photos all capture moments of calamity that will make you laugh all the way to the reception.

1. Cake boss

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At least she's not knocking over the whole stand of cakes. The cupcake design is smart. That way, if you have butterfingers like her, you don't screw the entire pooch in front of all your friends and family.

2. Riding coattails

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Those things are dumb anyway. Dude is supposed to feel like a big idiot because he accidentally stepped on the eight-foot-long drape she's dragging along the ground from her head? How about he was distracted by the fact that his daughter was getting married to a guy who looks like a giant 8th grader at his middle school commencement ceremony.

3. The Ascension

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This is so much better than tossing the bouquet. Just toss the best man and hope a woman catches him. Hopefully you don't break his neck in the process.

Or maybe he's an angel, descending from Heaven to bless the married couple.

4. The best family

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My fingers are crossed that this was not sanctioned by the bride and groom. If you come from a family that's hilarious enough to ambush your Big Day by turning themselves into shotglass-eyed love mice from space, you probably stand a good chance of being humble enough to make it through the long haul of lifetime monogamy.

5. Is he a spelunker?

The Chive The Chive

Is that a headlamp or a GoPro? Neither are even a little bit acceptable to wear to a wedding. "Check out my sick POV wedding vid. You can see me slapping myself in the face and standing in front of a wall crying."

6. Off the rails

Two ladies pose elegantly in front of a pristine wilderness background. The light is just right, their dresses and hair are beautiful, and everything seems to be going fine. Then, the one in the white dress discovers the hard way that her friend has the strength and reflexes of Spider-Man.