14 YouTube Stars That Make More Cash Than TV People

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YouTube is still relatively new, but it's already proving to be quite lucrative. It started with a simple premise, allowing users to post short videos (remember when they had to be under 10 minutes?). Now, after the first decade of it's existence, YouTube has evolved from a mom and pop home video sharer, to becoming a major provider of web entertainment. Of course, the thing we want to know most... Is there any money in this? And if so, how does it compare to other entertainment vocations? Like,  TV stars? Or athletes? The results may surprise you.

14. Jenna Marbles ($350k+ per year)

Oh sweet Jenna Marbles. She is as witty as she is beautiful. With a enormously popular channel filled with mockumentary-styled health and beauty tips, Jenna is undoubtedly the queen of YouTube. Her $350k a year earnings (some sources report even more), give Jenna more than some reality TV stars. For example, the family in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, reportedly made as little as $2-4k per episode. Still not a bad pay day, but not as great as Youtubers.